Live Sound class in “The Underground”

Live Sound Class

In our Live Sound class, we spent some time in the union venue, “The Underground”, discussing live sound techniques. We talked about setting up stage monitors, setting gain, DI boxes, and adjustments to EQ and compression. Also, we compared various different types of microphones and polar patterns to see how much gain we can get before creating feedback.  In this vid, student Paul Schipper explains how to properly wrap an XLR cable:

Chris Champion on Acoustic Guitar

The first secret to capturing a great recording is to start with a great musician, and we were lucky enough to begin working with the hugely talented Chris Champion in our Studio Sessions class on Friday.

Chris is a phenomenal jazz guitarist who recently moved to the area from Arizona.  He played an interpretation of “Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise” with multiple layers of overdubs that ended up sounding like an acoustic trio.

It was great to put some of our techniques into practice, including mic placement, setting proper levels, routing a headphone mix, and multitrack editing in Pro Tools.  We are looking forward to working much more with Chris in future sessions!

Recording Acoustic Ukelele

DSU Student Paul Schipper recorded Jeremy Dougherty singing the song, Trouble, by the band Never Shout Never.  Paul learned a lot about mic’ing a relatively unique instrument like the ukelele and how to best capture a live acoustic performance.  He ended up with a great-sounding mix!

Live Sound at the Brickhouse Bash

Dialing in the mix while Paul makes a recording

Last night, (Friday, Oct. 8) several students and I ran live sound for the “Brickhouse Bash” event in downtown Madison.  The musicians were Jack Rollins and “The Sewer Rats” who played rootsy folk music and blues-inspired rock music, respectively.  The event was hosted by the Madison Area Arts Council, who also presented an art show.  The event provided the community with a fun place to spend a Friday night on a beautiful Fall evening.

The Jack Rollins band on the decorated stage
More work at the board
The Sewer Rats Performing
The drummer for The Sewer Rats

Studio Gear Tour

Here’s some pics of our studio setup:
Dual Monitor setup on OSX with Euphonix controller

Pro Tools HD and Mic Pre-Amps
Some outboard gear including ART Dual analog compressors, Presonus vocal channel strip, and headphone amp.
Toft Audio ATB Analog Mixing Board

Mixing Ben Franklin

Dan Mortenson taking control of the board.

Today, we had the pleasure of running sound for one of the great figures in our history who helped to shape our nation into what it is today.  Yes, Ben Franklin himself showed up to talk to the students at an all-school convocation.  It was what I’m sure will be the first of many fun sound gigs to take place this year.  Much more to come!