Audio Showcase Spring 2017 (promo)

Audio Production presented the first showcase at the end of Spring semester in 2017.

Students who were taking upper-level courses submitted submitted their finest project.

Peter Kim used all of available resources fully: Behringer X32 mixer that needs audio-video delay compensation at TCB auditorium reaching close to 230 msec, Promo video project assignments to DAD222 (Audio Production I, API) students, DSU Live arrangement, Surveymonkey online survey, $50 DSU bookstore certificate award thanks to Dean Jones and College of Arts & Science , and Rocksmith & Jam session combo!  All of them were sometimes rough, but the showcase had very positive feedbacks from participants and audiences.

Having another positive reviews, the promo videos produced by API students were streamed at the refreshment space.  Some of them are brought again to share with you.


Obatola Layiwola, Lucas Flaagan


Christian Larson, Maddie Whitcomb


Kenny Olson, Kristen Sieck


Nelly Burkitt, Derrick Burkhardt, April Farmer, Nick Crowley


Jack Anundson, Hannah Knock

Thanks for all of your efforts!