Mastering works for DopplerPoppins band, State College, PA


Peter Kim (Beomsoo Kim) participated Mastering works for DopplerPoppins band, State College, PA, E.P. released Jan 2017.  He hopes you enjoy this!


DopplerPoppins – Enlighten

From their facebook page: “Ladies and Gentlemen we present for your viewing pleasure our first official music video recorded live at Studio A on Penn State Main Campus. Big thanks to Sebastian Goodridge for mixing and engineering, Beomsoo Kim for mastering and Kelly B. Strunk for filming.”


DopplerPoppins – Enlighten


DopplerPoppins – In front of me 



Studio Remodeling??

Peter commented: Since Audio Production studio had been torn down, students kept complaining that studio environment was worse.  We are gearing up to have better facility for Audio Production, so the direction must be whether our studio is rebuilt in different location or it stays and upgrades at TCB.  Everything should be decided in winter break.  I am also preparing various band-aid method if the plan does not go accordingly.  Wish me luck!



Shine On Conference in Madison, SD

Shine On Conference was held in Oct 13 & 14 located at Camp Lakodia, Madison, SD.    Reverend Cherie Manthey Anderson and Reverend Dee Chernicky asked Audio Production to serve PA system set up and operate the sound board.  Sandy Champion let them use the sound system as community service, and Peter Kim worked with them as a sound engineer.  Both of them had good feedbacks about sound system and sound operation after the conference.



Promo Video


Madison Elementary School – Musical Recording

Madison Elementary School – Musical

From KJAM news: … Elementary Music teacher Monica Pickard was awarded funds towards expenses for the 5th grade musical production of “The Music Man, Jr.”, which will be performed January 27th at 6:30 in the MHS Auditorium. This funding is used for scenery, backdrops, costuming and props… (click the link to read entire article from here.)

Audio Production class DAD350 helped for Madison Elementary School to make a DVD.  Joe Staudenbaur, Faculty of Digital Arts and Design, and DSU LCA Film Club members associated with Audio crew worked closely to make it happen.

Monica wanted to capture separate voices from 4 main actors/actresses via Lavalier mics as well as overall stage sounds with many microphones.  Behringer X32 with Pro Tools 12 was used for recordings, and direct outs from X32 were connected to Allen & Heath analog board to broadcast through streaming and main PA system at the same time.



(1 minute sample)



Demo CD recording

Demo CD recording (2016)


One student who took lessons from Sandy Champion wanted to make demo recording.  Vinh Nguyen and Peter Kim set the microphones up for classical Trumpet and piano duo.  They used AKG C214 and AT4041 pairs to record trumpet and overall stage sound.  Extra 2 omnidirectional mics were applied toward the hammer action of the grand piano.  The mix was performed onsite and later post-produced by Vinh.