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Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Design
Audio Production Specialization

Dakota State University is a four-year public University in Madison, South Dakota, with a technology centric focus.
As an essential element in the digital arts, a degree in Audio Production prepares graduates to be effective members of a multimedia design team, with skills as an audio recording engineer for music production, audio for video, broadcast, and live sound applications.

Quality music production takes more than a passionate performer.  An Audio Engineer skillfully adds order, sparkle, clarity, balance and depth to an artist’s creation through use of cutting-edge software, mixing consoles, microphones, and signal processors.  An engineer learns to think like a musician, developing a deep understanding for music in a wide range of styles.

The Audio Production degree lays a solid foundation for a career in a music recording studio, but can also include television and film sound recording, commercial advertising and voice-over, corporate presentations, web media, and even computer game audio. This degree can also prepare students for Live Sound production in venues such as concert halls, churches, clubs, and theatres.  The possibilities are more extensive than ever before!
In addition to sound production, this degree uniquely prepares our students to work as leaders on a multimedia team, rooted firmly in traditional and computer graphics, computer programming, and business marketing.
A career in audio has enormous possibilities, and some audio professionals earn tremendous amounts of money, but a middle-class income is more typical. Graduates can expect initially to earn moderate incomes in entry-level or assistant positions with career expansion coming as responsibility and experience grow, and the possibilities for personal and professional success and satisfaction are endless!

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Sandy Champion has been in music education and performance for over 20 years. She received her Bachelors Degree in Flute Performance from Arizona State University, and her Masters Degree in Flute Performance from the University of Southern California. She has performed across the country as a singer and flutist. Her performance credits include Soloist with the Phoenix Symphony, the Mesa Symphony, the Brevard Music Center Orchestra, and the Four Seasons Orchestra. She has also performed with the Lake Placid Sinfonetta, as well as having toured with the United States Air Force Air Education Training and Command Band. In addition to having released a children’s album titled Dance Party, which is available on itunes, Sandy has written jingles and scored music for the Arizona Science Center’s Starry Story Time. She currently lives in Madison, South Dakota, where she is the Music Director at Dakota State University. She also created and directs Mad Music Summer Music Exploration for kids in 1st through 12th grades in Madison. This summer Mad Vocals will be expanding to Sioux Falls at the University of Sioux Falls Jeschke Auditorium.

Peter B Kim has been directors of music at numerous Catholic churches including in Seoul, South Korea, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, etc.  He is also a composer for contemporary Catholic hymn and had served Archdiocese of Seoul as a director of Music for Young Adults Department.  He joined gospel group called Sungband as a bassist, keyboardist, and arranger and helped releasing their first couple of albums.  He led a pop band, GBB, and had various concerts in Seoul, Emeryville, and Los Angeles, CA.  He obtained recording engineering certificate at Musicians Institute (MI), Los Angeles while pursuing Electrical Engineering degree at University of Southern California.  He participated various live recording engineering works as well as performances as a bassist and a keyboardist in Greater Los Angeles area.  He is soon-to-be Ph.D in Acoustics in Pennsylvania State University.  His research work is centered on analyzing acoustic responses as well as structural responses of the wooden buildings.  His background lies on various engineering subjects such as ultrasound, room acoustics, immersive sound system, structural acoustics, and acoustic signal processing (DSP).  He was a member of Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and is a member of Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE).  He was a member for Big Coronas (Bassist, keyboardist, live sound engineer, & mixing engineer), Doppler Poppins (keyboardist, recording engineer, & mastering engineer), and Ben Kim duo (keyboardist & live sound engineer).  He joined DSU as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2016 and managed DSU Live, dsuaudio.com website, and Audio Production studio.  He also helps to establish better sound system and acoustic environment at Madison High School (MHS) Auditorium with Jennifer Richards.  He has joined the band The Three with Sandra & Chris Champion, and The other Three with Peter Hoesing, Chris Champion and continue to perform in Madison, Watertown, Brookings, and Sioux Falls, SD.